में अपनी favorite हू!

त्या दिवशी सकाळ पासून खूपच गडबड होती, माझा उपवास होता. कामाच्या गडबडीत काहीच उपवासाचे बनवलं नाही. सकाळी नाश्त्याच्या वेळेला खूप भूक लागली कि आतून चिडचिड सुरु होते. मग काय.. असं वाटतं की सगळेजण आपल्यावर अन्याय करत आहेत. आपण बिचाऱ्या म्हणून सहन करतोय फक्त.आणि मग सुरु होतं नेगेटिव्ह विचारांचं सत्र. आपला मेंदू कसा आहे बघा ना…Continue reading “में अपनी favorite हू!”

To Be Or Not To Be

Most of us know this famous quote by Shakespeare. His character in Hamlet utters these words of despair and hopelessness. Shakespeare was well aware of the psyche of people and the burning questions that come to their minds. Shakespeare has influenced the world in many ways. He was a profound personality. Many of you mustContinue reading “To Be Or Not To Be”

The Itchy Matter

Psoriasis is a very irritating disease literally and figuratively. Living with it, is very challenging. Why do you get it? I haven’t found that answer till date. I know that psoriasis is auto immune disease. An autoimmune disease is a condition in which your immune system mistakenly attacks your body. So, one day I woke up with dry itchyContinue reading “The Itchy Matter”