Sharing is Caring

Have you been in a situation where the following thoughts have occurred in your mind?

  • I am suffocating. I am not able to talk about my feelings or problems to anyone.
  • Nobody understands me.
  • People might get hurt if I talk about my feelings
  • Why do I even exist?
  • Thinking about myself makes me selfish.
  • Why is positive thinking not working?
  • Everyone seems to function fine but only I have problems. I guess I am not strong enough to handle this.

All of us have been through similar situations in our lifetime. It is that phase where we are stuck and nothing is happening. The negative thought cycle is not ending whereas the positive thinking philosophy is not working.

If you could share your feelings with your friends or loved ones, that would be great. But if you are afraid of being judged or misunderstood, then it becomes difficult to share. In such cases, the best thing you can do, is to seek professional help before it gets worse. Sharing your thoughts and feelings is the first step towards finding a solution.

Sharing your thoughts and emotion has utmost importance in maintaining psychological health.

We need to understand that everybody is different, so everyone has different capacity to handle situations in their life. If something is bothering you, it is really important to ask for help.

By sharing your thoughts, you are exhibiting following qualities unknowingly.

  1. Self-Love: You have decided that you are important. You care for yourself.
  2. Self Esteem: You value yourself more than the problem.
  3. Pro activity: You have recognised the problem. You are taking efforts to find the solution.

Talking to a counsellor provides helps you enter the atmosphere of trust, warmth, empathy and Respect. You feel comfortable to share.

There are various support groups which will give you encouragement and provides you a place to share your problems with everyone.

Just by sharing your thoughts and emotion, you will perceive some immediate effects. Such as-  

  1. You voice your thoughts. You experience relief as you communicate your feelings with others.
  2. The intensity of your negative thoughts is diluted.
  3. Your thoughts get organized.
  4. You understand that you are not alone in this kind of situation.

There is a beautiful quote by OSHO on emptiness.

“The usefulness of the cup is its emptiness.”

 Unless you empty your negative feelings, how can you fill yourself with positive ones? So, what are you waiting for?

Let’s Share, Let’s Care!!

9 thoughts on “Sharing is Caring

  1. Yes sharing is essential in life. Unless you express and share you may not find solution. Nice and useful. Beautifully presented.


  2. The issue of mental health is often considered a taboo and ignored. But we need to speak openly about these things.. Nicely put!


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